What exactly is my Confidentiality Obligation concerning the settlement?
You can tell you tax accountant and your spouse, after advising them the deal is confidential and must be kept that way, and swearing them to secrecy. You can't tell anybody else, including your mom and your best friend. Just enjoy the money and leave it at that. You can tell anybody who asks "the matter has been resolved." Leave it at that.

If anybody talks before the deal is final, nobody will get anything. If anybody talks after the deal is final, Google could sue you. It's not likely they'll even know, but it's not worth the risk. 

When will I get my payment?
We have three weeks to get the settlement and dismissal agreements signed by all of you. Then Google has a little time to countersign. Then we have to get the court to dismiss the class allegations. Then we have to wait 60 days for that to be final. Then Google will sign and pay, and those of you who are getting paid will get you your payments. All of this could take up to four months. So hopefully in December, but maybe not until January.

How will I get my payment?
We'll be issuing payments to you from Google's funds, which will land in our trust account once the deal is final. 


Is the settlement payment taxable?
We cannot offer you tax advice. But, personal injury recoveries associated with invasion of privacy, which is the nature of this claim, are  "personal injuries" and thus, we think, should not be taxable. Please discuss this idea with your tax professional.